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Animal. Information and things to consider before you begin an experimental design!

  • Source: Species (with Latin name if not a common laboratory species), source, conservation status if wild, age and/or body weight, sex.
    Transportation: Length of acclimatization period.
  • Genotype: The breed, strain, or stock name. Inbred strains, mutants, transgenes, and clones should be described using internationally accepted nomenclature when available (see <> for mouse and rat nomenclature). Any genetic quality assurance verifying the genotype should be mentioned.
    Microbiological status: Conventional, specified pathogenfree (SPF), germfree/gnotobiotic. When possible, reference should be made to some agreed-upon standards for microbiological characterization such as the FELASA standards (<>).
  • Housing: Type of housing including whether conventional, barrier, isolator, or individually ventilated cages. Room temperature (with diurnal variation), humidity, ventilation, light/dark periods, light intensity. Cage type, model, material, type of floor (solid/mesh), type of bedding, frequency of cage cleaning, number of animals per cage, cage enrichments.
  • Diet: Type, composition, manufacturer, feeding regimen (ad libitum, restricted, pair fed), method of sterilization.
    Water: ad libitum, bottles or automatic, quality, sterilization.
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